Helen Chua is passionate in the field of identity employing biometrics and AI. She firmly believes that an individual without an identity will be impeded from access to government, financial, healthcare and other services.  Helen has been involved in the creation of ID systems since the mid-1990s, be it systems for national ID, passport, or driver’s license.  Her goal is to create an identity solution which allows for inclusivity and accessibility to every citizen regardless of their background.   

As a strong advocate of diversity and inclusivity, Helen serves as the ambassador of Women in Identity Singapore Chapter. Women in Identity’s charter is to strive for a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace to ensure that all voices are valued and heard equally. Helen Chua holds senior leadership positions with NEC Asia Pacific. She did her undergraduate studies and had worked in the US before returning to Singapore.  

Helen Chua
Senior Sales Director
NEC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd