We celebrate and honour the achievements of women across the payments ecosystem. Recipients are women who have distinguished themselves as leaders, innovators, rising stars, and consummate professionals.

Through our awards program, we present awards to honour women payments professionals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, innovation and promise. An Awards Committee comprised of senior women leaders from across the payments industry will review nominations, and awards will be presented at an Awards ceremony.

Each nominee can only be nominated for one award category, duplicate nominations will not be accepted. 

The 2022 ASEAN award nominations are now closed.



The Women in Payments Award for Innovation will be awarded to a nominee who has promoted payments innovation through creativity, vision, and perseverance in her organization or the payments industry. The nominee has been instrumental in promoting innovations or creative re-engineering.


  • Evidence of work that supports and prioritizes the customer experience
  • Work shows evidence of creating a significant impact on businesses and customers
  • Innovations are quickly and effectively adopted and applied to other industries
  • Innovations have evidence-based results that are measurable
  • Evidence that the candidate supports and inspires others in the organization or industry to innovate
  • References show the nominee is widely recognized for her expertise and actively works to empower others
  • Demonstrates integrity and sets a high professional standard for ethics and quality work



The Women in Payments Inspiring Payments Professional Award will be awarded to a woman in the payments & fintech industry who inspires people to reach great heights of performance and success. She drives vision, exudes positivity and communicates effectively. 


  • Is able to create a strong vision and inspire a team towards achieving a 
  • goal, either in her organization or industry.  
  • Inspires others to reach great heights of performance and success, 
  • and is consistently pro-active in seizing opportunities.  
  • Is a beacon of positivity in the face of challenges and failures. Is able 
  • to uplift others through her positive outlook, and inspires others to 
  • accomplish goals, despite difficulty or roadblocks to achieving success. 
  • Is widely recognized for her ability to build strong relationships and 
  • mentor others.  
  • Has extremely strong communication skills, and creates an environment where everyone feels valued and heard.  



The Women in Payments Rising Star Award will be awarded to a woman who demonstrates leadership and professional excellence in the payments industry. She must currently work in ASEAN. 


  • Is always willing to go that extra mile to achieve excellence for herself, her organization and/or the industry. She supports and inspires others through promoting innovation and advancement. She is results-oriented, always seeking new ideas with the ability to translate them into action for her organization and customers.  
  • Consistently outperforms her peers in a variety of settings and circumstances. Performs with distinction and delivers strong results by building trust and confidence among her colleagues.  
  • Exhibits behaviors that reflect her company’s culture and values in an exemplary manner.  
  • Is widely recognized for her expertise and actively works to empower others.  Leads by example and motivates members of her team, organization, or industry.  Actively supports others to make a positive impact on members of her organization or the payments industry.  




The Women in Payments Award for female advocacy will be awarded to either a man or a woman in the payments & fintech industry who promotes senior female leadership and encourages and supports the career development of all women in the workplace. 


  • Actively demonstrates a commitment to the advancement of gender equality, including equal pay and equal opportunities for career growth
  • Evidence of publicly championing and celebrating the work and accomplishment of female leaders
  • The candidate is a Mentor, advises and nurtures emerging female talent & leadership in the payments industry
  • Candidate provides a positive forum and platform for women to network and find mentors in their industry
  • Actively uses his/her position of influence to encourage the promotion/hiring of strong female talent
  • Creates or supports leadership development programs, works with educators to promote the importance of STEM education for girls and creates excitement about career opportunities available to girls in payments & fintech sectors
  • Encourages debate and brings awareness to the importance of gender diversity at the C-level



The Women in Payments Distinguished Payments Professional Award is a lifetime achievement honour, to recognize a leading woman who has made a significant contribution to the payments industry. It will be awarded to a woman who is an acknowledged trendsetter, role model, and positive contributor to the overall positive image of the industry.


  • Influences on industry trends
  • Actively involved with various stakeholders in the industry
  • Contributes to the positive perception of the industry
  • Evidence of collaboration
  • Examples of diplomacy, professionalism and high ethical standards in all aspects of their work
  • Evidence of actively contributing to the collective success of the payments industry as a whole
  • Nominee leads by example and motivates others, acts as a mentor, teacher or advisor to members of the industry



The Women in Payments Community Impact Award will be awarded to a woman in the industry who best meets the following criteria: 


  • Has shown courage in the face of adversity to drive change and support others in her organization or industry.  Demonstrates leadership, vision, and resilience to bring about positive change in the community within her organization and/or industry.  
  • Consistently seizes opportunities to steer co-workers and/or the wider industry to a place of positivity, empathy and mutual support. Leads with spirit to drive toward a positive outcome for all. Is able to pivot as circumstances change to maintain a positive direction.  
  • Has shown steadfastness in navigating projects, leading teams and/or accomplishing goals despite difficulty or changing circumstances.  Actively works to build resilience of the team, organization, or industry to support each other in times of uncertainty and great change.  
  • Is widely recognized for her expertise and skill in leading teams.  Actively works to empower others to be positive team players and further change agents.  Leads by example and motivates members of her team, organization, or industry.  Acts as a mentor, advisor, and teacher, to make a positive impact on members of her organization or the payments industry.    
  • Has high integrity and sets high professional standards for ethics and quality of work.  Has contributed to a positive and supportive learning environment by encouraging diversity of people and opinions to support the greater community. 




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